Trustees Meeting Minutes

Trustees Meeting – August 12, 2019

Members Present:                                                          Members Absent:

Rev. Beverly Casstevens                                                Rudy Herren

John Davis

Fred Canning

Elizabeth Grindrod

Sue Berg

Maurice Robinson

Lee Maxfield

Barbara Hocking

Karen Smith

John Davis opened with prayer. Prayer concerns included John’s family as they travel, Sandra Balchin, Mary Marks, Walt and Lynne Keiser, Maurice Robinson, and North Fayette United Methodist Church.

John Davis announced that Tom Read has resigned from the Trustees.

John Davis stated that there are two items on the needs list for the church, but current finances do not allow for the purchase and repair. There is a need for a baseboard heater in the ladies’ restroom in the Sanctuary building, and a light fixture needs to be replaced in the Building B Hallway. Rev. Casstevens noted that there is a restricted Trustees fund that is available to fund these projects.

Sue Berg stated that she will research online to locate a heater that might be an option for the ladies’ room.

Rev. Casstevens will contact Rick Warr regarding the electrical work for the above needs.

Rev. Casstevens would like to move her office to the front section of the church, and make her current office the nursery for the church.

Rev. Casstevens would like the light inspection agenda to include checking the thermostats since there has been an issue with the correct settings.

Lee Maxfield will do the August light inspection.

Rev. Casstevens mentioned that some items, such as couches, might be sold at the Mid-Morning Market in November.

John Davis announced his resignation from the Trustees. Lee Maxfield, current co-chair, will assume the duties as Chairman.

Rev. Casstevens prayed for the Davis family.

Lee Maxfield closed with prayer.

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