Care Closet

The Care Closet began in the fall of 2018 with a drive to “de-clutter for others.” The needs of homeless people were made known to the congregation, and everything from clothing and rolling suitcases to blankets and sleeping bags to travel-size toiletries were donated.  All items were distributed almost immediately. Soon, we realized that this was a ministry that could be ongoing. While we do not service individuals directly, we receive and prepare a variety of items, primarily clothing, and fill the needs of local and regional clothes clothes. We receive “orders” for types and sizes of clothing, and can often fill these orders within a few days.

We currently supply Atlanta Union Mission Women & Children’s Shelter, Azalea Estates Nursing Home, Midtown Assistance Center (MAC, Rachel’s Ray of Hope, Fayette Samaritans, Fayette Women’s Shelter, and The Clothes Less Traveled.

We also go to directly to locations where we can hand out items that are especially needed by homeless people.

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