Lay Leader’s Line – May 2021

One thing that I found to be in common among all the Big Church organizations that I mentioned in the last Lay Leader Line is the connection that we have from the highest level of the Big Church down to the individual church and member.  Many opportunities exist to follow the latest news about the United Methodist Church, learn more about what it means to be a Methodist, and become involved in many initiatives to participate in the spreading of God’s Word and making disciples.  

From now on I will include information on some of these opportunities.  I truly hope that you will take a moment to check out at least one of these topics.   If you would like additional information on a particular subject, let me know. 


May 9, Mother’s Day – Wesley Woods’ Mother’s Day Offering

For more than 46 years, churches of The North Georgia Conference of The United Methodist Church have received the Mother’s Day Offering for Wesley Woods. This generous support funds financial assistance for meals and housing to residents who have the gift of a long life but may have outlived their resources. In addition, the Mother’s Day Offering also supports on-site chaplains and an innovative wellness program

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Sue Berg – Lay Leader, NFUMC 

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