Lay Leader’s Line – April 2021

STOP whatever you are doing right now.  Take a breath and moment to  reflect on what you felt on Easter and never  forget that wonderful day.  If asked, I am sure that each of  us could  come up with a special word or sentence to  describe the glorious feeling and  experience of that day.  Not only were we  celebrating the Resurrection of our  RISEN Lord, but also the  experience  and excitement of coming back together as a church. NEVER  forget that feeling and cherish it especially as we continue to  go forward out of the darkness of last year into the light of the future.   It may not always be  perfect or  without  flaws but  with  God’s help  we are headed towards the light.

Now, many times you will hear me say or see that I use the  term the  Big Church.  For clarification purposes, let me define what I mean.  (Please remember that this is only Sue’s term. )  The Big Church consists of the various levels and United Methodist organizations that are  above NFUMC. 

  • Church (NFUMC)  ===> District (Southwest District)
    • SOUTHWEST  DISTRICT  consists of  Georgia counties of:  Butts, Coweta, Fayette, Harris,  Heard,  Jasper, Lamar, Meriwether,  Monroe,  Pike, Spalding,  Troup and Upson. 
    • Our current  District  superintendent is Rev. Susan  Landry.  The District  main office is in  Griffin.
  • District ===> Conference (North Georgia Conference)
    • The North Georgia  Conference, located in Atlanta,  is compromised of  8 Districts.  Within these districts there are almost 800 churches, with  more than 1,300 clergy and approximately  340,000 lay members.  Our  conference is the largest in the  United States. 
    • The Conference is overseen by Bishop  Sue Haupert-Johnson.
  • Conference  ===> Jurisdiction (Southeast Jurisdiction)
    • States comprising the Southeast Jurisdiction include: Mississippi,  Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Kentucky.
  • Jurisdiction  ===> United Methodist Church 
    • The  United  Methodist  Church  has over 12 million  members  around world.   It was formed in 1968 but its heritage  goes back to 1700 England. 

In future Lay Leader Lines I will focus on these various organizations and explain their structure,  role and impact on the United Methodist Church to include NFUMC. 

As always, if you have any questions,  please contact me. 

Sue Berg – Lay Leader NFUMC 

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