Board Notes – April 2021

We’re back! 

It is so good to be back to in person services in The Grove.  Of course, most of March was focused on getting ready for this change, but your Board was also working on updating our church polices, getting ready for our visioning workshop in May, and preparing for our Parking Lot Revival in June.

On the policies update, we had a workshop to review existing policies and draft policies on a range of areas from Safe Sanctuary, use of church facilities, weddings, and funerals.  Those policies are in editing and will be released soon to the congregation for your comments.  The Board will take up the approval of the policies at our April Board meeting.

Another change will be that our Board meeting will be in person, but socially distanced.  More information will be released soon on the April meeting.

We’ll continue to be cautious and still make accommodations for those who can’t attend in person, but it is fantastic to be able see our church family again on Sundays!

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice – 2021 NFUMC Board Chair

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