Board Notes – December 2020

At our October meeting the Board approved a number of items that then went to the District Charge Conference on November 30th for final approval.  I am pleased to report that all our items were approved including the lay leaders report and new Bylaws of Board of Servants.  Our Board members for 2021 will be:

  • Steve Justice – Chair
  • John Tomlin – Pastor
  • Sue Berg – Lay Leader & Lay Member
  • Jim Marks – Treasurer
  • Gina Alford
  • Pam Ashman
  • Hugh Brown
  • Bill Cain
  • Carole Galimore
  • Annette Poindexter
  • Jim Schultz

I wish to thank George Latzanich for his service to our church as he rolls off the Board at the end of this year.  Also, Barbara Justice was re-elected as our Financial Secretary.

We had more good news at our November Board meeting when our Treasurer Jim Marks reported that we have a slight budget surplus as we head toward the end of the year.  Given all the challenges that churches everywhere have faced due to the COVID-19 shutdowns, this is a major accomplishment for our church.  I have said several times this year that Jim Marks and Barbara Justice are accomplishing the equivalent of “loaves and fishes” with our finances. And this good news would not be possible without the incredible support from all of our congregation!

Of course, the challenges are still out there as evidenced by our cancelling of almost all of our in-person advent season events due to the recent spikes in COVID-19 cases.  We are stepping up our online presence once again and we will hold an outside Christmas Eve Service on our front lawn.  Nothing will keep NFUMC from celebrating the coming of Jesus Christ into the world!

Yours in Service,

Steve Justice

2020 NFUMC Board Chair

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