Board Notes – August 2020

“Keeping the Faith”

July was a fast-paced month for NFUMC as we welcomed Pastor John Tomlin to our church, had our second in-person service, then had to suspend inside the building services due to the spike in COVID-19 cases.  But we persevered and came up with a way to continue to spiritually commune in a whole new format for our congregation – the ‘Parking Lot Revival’!

If you haven’t yet taken the opportunity to come to our new parking lot service, you’re missing a great time of socially distanced fellowship, music, and most importantly Pastor John teaching the gospel.  For those who can’t join us in the parking lot, we continue to post videos of Pastor John’s sermons so that everyone can still receive the word of God no matter where they are.

At the Board meeting on July 27th we worked through a wide-ranging agenda as we strive to revitalize our church even in the midst of the pandemic.  One big thing coming soon is the annual Aramis Alvarez Memorial 5K which we moved to October 31st and combined with our traditional Trunk & Treat for one big day of community outreach.  You will see much more on this as we work hard to engage sponsors and ask for volunteers for the many jobs associated with these events.  It will be lots of work, but will serve as a well-timed respite for our community as we hopefully see the pandemic recede this fall.

I want to thank everyone for “keeping the faith” in the mission of our church by continuing to give of your time, talents, and treasure in this difficult time for our community and country.  It’s hard not to focus on the treasure when we review the finances each month, but I truly believe that as we concentrate on serving God that our church’s financial burdens will lessen.  Great things await NFUMC if we keep our faith in Jesus Christ!


Yours in service,

Steve Justice – 2020 NFUMC Board Chair

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