Welcome North Fayette!

Greetings Brothers and Sisters in Christ!  I am Reverend John “New Guy” Tomlin and my family and I are excited to be appointed here to North Fayette United Methodist Church.

I am a pastor who likes to theme each week’s service. Oftentimes, those weekly themes tie into a greater, overarching theme for a month.  Sometimes these themes are tied to a season like Advent or Lent.  Other times, such as this when North Fayette is looking to soon begin a time of visioning, our weekly and monthly theme may tie into something broader.

My initial impression this first week on the job, getting to know people and snooping around the church grounds and buildings (and even closets!), is that North Fayette is ready to reinvent itself in some way and may need to start by dealing with obstacles, some of which are of our own making.  This influences theme selection.

July’s worship and sermons are focused on “First Principles”, the fundamentals of Wesleyan theology.  My hope is that by reminding ourselves of the basics about what we think and how we operate as Methodists, we will set all future planning on some solid ground.  My background is in mining and civil engineering. I know that to build something solid, you need to start with a firm foundation.  Our broader theme for the next few months, therefore, is “Ground Up”.

Please, please, please, however, I strongly request that in these times of COVID-19, if you have reservations about joining us for in-person worship, or if you are not feeling well, please stay home and stay safe. I look forward to meeting you all soon.

Rev. John

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