Beverly’s Video Sermon – Sunday March 29th

We are social distancing, but not spiritually distancing!  Join us for today’s lesson and sermon from Ezekiel.

3 Replies to “Beverly’s Video Sermon – Sunday March 29th”

  1. Somehow, this message was more dramatic considering the world pandemic we are struggling thru, the message you chose to bring us and the method you have used to connect with us who are able to receive it. Sandra and I watched and listened to your message on our front porch against a background of birds singing in the trees, the cool breeze blowing pollen around our homestead, a short rain front cooling the air and the feeling that all will be well if we just trust our Creator to be with us come what may. Great communication service , Good Reverend. Many thanks to you and those good servants who put this service together.

  2. Congrats on the the great service and look forward to the next until we can all meet in church again.
    Bless you and God keep you strong.

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